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Great adventure

A road trip to the united States aboard a mustang, a trip on an elephant, roll in savannah with lions in your rearview mirror, anyone? Prepare Dollars and your Stetson, and then binoculars towards the great outdoors!

discover the world

Explore the world with a child's eyes, devoid of any a priori and any preconceptions! The world so much to offer, extend your passport to the hostess and go to take eyeful

break the routine

And if you leave or the person is still gone?

Contemplate the wild and pure horizon of civilization, freedom belongs to you, we will do the rest

body and mind

Stiff neck? a boss who gives you hives? not need a prescription ... it becomes your doctor well being!
Enjoy Spa and relaxation session for the pleasure of your toes. Fitnesse yoga Aquasport ... the ideal plan was prepared to invigorate you.

a taste of paradise

What a pleasure to be in the shade of a coconut tree with a cocktail in hand and enjoy the water at 30 ° ...

Do not forget your sunscreen and your glasses and discover heavenly places, the sand under your feet!

away from all

You want to relax, away from the hubbub of the city? Prepare your suitcase, it takes you away from everything and everyone!

Explore an unknown world to barely trodden paths, your backpack and your mind in the Clouds!

we go to reset the counters to zero!

intense life

"Life is too short for us to bother for just one hour." Courteline

Experience intense moments of emotion, surprises and discovery .... possible, your imagination is your only limit to the horizon landscapes that await you! Free your mind and your body will follow.

sports passion

You search the Line-Up * one foot attached to the leash, riding on your surfboard, or you prefer to whip the snow of a hip setback on your snowboard? Us to accompany the sport or calling!
Want to make a 18-hole seaside or enjoy the latter to indulge in winter sports? wakeboarding, kitesurfing, Flyboard ... ask us!