Great adventure

A road trip to the united States aboard a mustang, a trip on an elephant, roll in savannah with lions in your rearview mirror, anyone? Prepare Dollars and your Stetson, and then binoculars towards the great outdoors!

Great adventure 

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The Route 66, legendary, unique, genuine and bold! Monument of American culture, this is the first way that enabled linking the shores of Lake Michigan from Chicago to the Pacific shore at Santa Monica, California. Route 66 crosses no fewer than seven states ...

Highway 1, or California State Route 1, is a 400 miles route established in 1934 along the Pacific coast state of California. Designated as the most beautiful coastline in the world, it offers magnificent views and crosses featured cities such as Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Canada: what makes you think of it? Endless forests , huskies, majestic lakes, igloos, salmon returning streams, being devoured by greedy bears, whales, beavers, lumberjacks and seaplanes...: come and enjoy great green spaces !

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