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Japan consists of over 3,000 islands. The 4 main islands that make up Japan are "Hokkaido", "Honshu", the largest island "Shikohu" and "Kyushu". An ancient legend tells that the islands of the archipelago of Japan are born of from  tears of a goddess when tears felt into the Pacific, soon after, an island was formed ...

Mexico is included in the list of 10 countries that have the biggest number of sites referenced as "World Heritage", we can count  more than 30 ... Make an appointment with history!

The "Rich Coast" as Christophe Colomb baptized in 1502, aptly named: the small country blessed by the gods is rich in both exuberant nature and friendly people and an incredible diversity of landscapes.

At the crossroads of India, China, Bangladesh, Laos and Thaïland, Burma is a captivating and surprising country: hilltop shrines, villages on stilts, hanging bridges, sacred caves ... everything is made to make you dream.

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